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Established in 2009, Rise Talent & Literary Agency Pty Ltd (RISE) is a multi-dimensional entertainment company with a focus on three core areas:


  • Talent Representation (RWA)

  • Film & TV Packaging (Literary)

  • Consulting

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RISE Literary sources, develops and packages content for feature film, television and digital productions. 



Status - In Development

Director - Josh C Waller

Production Co - RISE

Producers - Rob Woodburn, Josh C Waller

Executive Producer - Mike Doyle

Narrated By - Elijah Wood

Locations - California, Hawaii, Mexico

Storyline - On a calm winter morning, former surfing champion Mike Doyle rows his dory off the coast of San Jose del Cabo for a day of fishing. A violent shift in weather, and a disastrous mistake, leave him helplessly adrift, fifteen miles from shore, in a howling wind. During those lonely hours of truth, Doyle looks back on his extraordinary life and the fascinating people who have filled it. 



Type - Feature Film

Status - In Development

Director - Cristian Prieto

Writer - Gary Waldon

Producer - Rob Woodburn

Production Co - RISE

Location - Australia, USA, Bali

Storyline - What does a naive, big-hearted, tech billionaire do when his Russian Victoria's Secret model girlfriend steals his fortune and he ends up penniless, homeless and lost? He embarks on a journey of self-discovery that takes him from San Francisco through Hawaii, Australia and Bali. With the help of hardened Aussie surfing legend, Bunga, he becomes a big wave surfer and of course wins the girl of his dreams.

Tone - This journey of misadventure is a good-natured comedy that brings together the heart of FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, NORTH SHORE, SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY with the craziness of DUMB AND DUMBER.


Title - WITHIN

Type - Feature Film

Genre-  Action | Suspense | Thriller

Status - In Development

Writer - Gary Waldon

Producer - Rob Woodburn

Production Co - RISE

Storyline - What would happen if your life was hacked, you were unwittingly turned into a terrorist with the horrors of your ancestor’s DNA was unleashed on the modern world? Science fiction? No. Humanity is more connected than ever through social media and DNA registers. We can now discover our genetic connections, but so can our enemies. WITHIN follows a young woman who finds the strength to uncover the truth and fights back after the jihadi hackers target her.




Type - Feature Film

Status - Completed

Exec Producer - Rob Woodburn

In Association With - RISE

Location - Australia

Storyline - As we await the jury's verdict of one of the most controversial murder trials in recent times, we come face-to-face with anti-hero, vigilante and accused killer John Doe as he dissects and explains his reasoning behind his actions and the events that have now come to divide communities worldwide.

RISEsourced and developed the material >> Signed the writer(s) and director >> Attached the producer & production company >> Attached the casting director >> Cast 5 RISE clients in the film



Type - Television Series

Status - Completed

Production Co - Virgin Produced, Garage Entertainment, The Media Garage

Distributor - Fox Sports, Fuel TV 

Storyline - THE CREW follows best friends Mark Mathews, Richie Vaculik and Macario De Souza – aka Kid Mac – around the globe as they call on their contacts in the surfing, music and professional fighting worlds to make their dreams beyond FIGHTING FEAR a reality, with appearances from world surfing champion Kelly Slater, Red Hot Chilli Peppers front-man Anthony Keidis and musician Snoop Dogg.

RISErepresented one of the stars >> Attached Virgin Produced as a producer and international sales agent



Type - Television Special. Web Series

Status - Completed

Distributor - Network Ten, 7plus

Storyline -  Setting out on their Jet Skis, the boys rode 3,000 kilometres from Sydney to Cairns. Huge waves, blistering heat, sharks, box jellyfish, and crocodiles all stood between them and the finish line. So what drove them to do it?

RISErepresented the stars >> Devised the funding strategy >> Created the project's name, THE RIDE >> Secured sponsorships and funding >> Secured insurance for the stars, equipment and project >> Facilitated meetings and provided crew support during development and pre-production >> Donated our agency commission to the budget of the project >> Initiated the partnership with Headspace | Youth Mental Health Foundation


RISE Consulting has a deep expertise in managing partnerships, strategic alliances, networking and marketing strategies that engage consumers through media, entertainment and sports.