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Degraves Street Melbourne



RWA is like no other talent agency in Australia. We understand that there's no such thing as a 'typical career' when it comes to our artists. They face unique challenges and opportunities that create unique needs. We use our knowledge of the entertainment industry and guiding careers to create optimum results for every individual. We are specialists servicing specialists.


We deliver a specialist service for a select group of entertainment industry professionals who are handpicked for representation.


We are driven because we recognise the need to continue to grow and develop to get the right result for our artists. We need to create and maintain an entrepreneurial culture with a continual need to be the best. 


We do not poach clients nor pre-existing contracts from our competitors - We're better than that. 


We know our artists world. We know our artists assets & liabilities better than anyone else. We know the market. Knowledge is power. 


We believe in quality over quantity in terms of the number of artists that we choose to represent - Less is more. As such, each artist receives 100% of our focus and attention.


Our job is unique, we are servicing and partnering with uniquely talented individuals. We must make ourselves worthy of their interest, time, and trust. Being open to new ways of thinking and unafraid to try new ways of working enables us to build solid relationships. 


The relationships we grow are all about working alongside our artists. Our target audience is one that is savvy and capable. They want a trusted advisor - Someone that they can chat with, get to know, trust, and form the confidence that this is a person that understands them and will work with them. 


RWA's Founder is the most qualified talent agent operating in Australia today. His extensive knowledge, relationships, and training is unmatched and spans over twenty years in the entertainment industry. Prior to relocating to Australia, his experience in Hollywood derives from ROAR, William Morris Agency, Paradigm and Jet Set Agency. 


We have earned a solid reputation for professional excellence within the entertainment industry in Australia and overseas.


RWA was created because of the need to grow our passion and obsession for storytelling in a market where uniformity means mediocrity and standing out is the path to success. 

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