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Sydney Daily Telegraph  | January 2019

Former SURVIVOR contestant Sam Webb has been working hard on his American accent ahead of a trip to the US to pursue his acting ambitions. Qualified with a Finance degree, Webb, 30, only took up acting seriously six years ago. He featured last night and tonight's episode of NEIGHBOURS, and has also had roles on rival soap, HOME AND AWAY.

"I'm working extremely hard on my craft and I'm very passionate about it but it's not easy work," Webb told Confidential. "I'm planning to go to America and get some training on the ground and work on my acting ability and skills and try to land a manager."

Understanding that his American twang needs to be down pat, Webb said: "I've been working really hard on it over the past two and a half months, before that it was pretty rubbish. Give it another four to six weeks and it'll be pretty much where it needs to be."

While overseas, Webb is also planning to launch his mental health awareness charity LIVIN which he co-founded in 2013 following the loss of his best friend to suicide.

"There's a real need for it over there and there's no better time than now to set it up," Webb said. "Our goal with LIVIN is breaking down the stigma around mental health and mental health doesn't discriminate so you could set it up in any country and it would be a win because it's making a difference."

Having suffered mental health issues himself, Webb urges anyone struggling to ask for help. "I feel that everyone has their own responsibility to get well... we are doing our very best to empower people to see that they have help and they can help themselves. 

Webb is represented by Sydney based talent agent Rob Woodburn Agency (RWA).

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